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Gaining the Benefits of Legal AI for In-House Counsel

How can in-house counsel gain the benefits of legal artificial intelligence (AI)? That is the question I answered on April 12, 2017 in a webinar for the Buying Legal Council, the trade organization for legal procurement. The slides are below; I present here a brief synopsis of my talk

Upping the Game in Large Law Firm Online Legal Services

In December 2016, Goodwin announced an expansion of its Founders Workbench online legal service for emerging companies via a partnership with Shoobx. I follow large law firm online legal services carefully, so wanted to learn more about this move. This year, I spoke with Goodwin partn

How Law Firms Should Prepare for the Future of Legal Services (HighQ SmartLaw Book Contribution)

HighQ, a UK-based software company serving the legal market, recently initiated  a conversation about SmarltLaw. It started with a website earlier this year. This month, the company released a short e-book that asked 15 experts to answer the question “What do you believe lawyers and l

Is Big Law Having Its Kodak Moment?

A recent report suggests Big Law is having its Kodak moment. Before the turn of the century, “Kodak moments” were good. That successful marketing slogan prompted many snapshots. Today, a Kodak moment more likely means a famous company with a fabulous brand and fantastic ma

Automating Legal Advice: AI and Expert Systems

In 2015, we regularly read about automating legal advice with artificial intelligence (AI), especially with IBM Watson. In my view, the AI smoke – at least as described in many reports – exceeds the fire. In fact, I cannot name a single large law firm that has deployed a W

How and Why Law Firms Can + Should Do Less Law (#DoLessLaw)

A just-released report finds that lawyers and law firms can and should do less law.  (For background on #DoLessLaw, see my prior post, written with Tim Corcoran, a Taxonomy of Do Less Law). The Legal Leadership Council of CEB published a post (8 Jan 2016), Corporate Law: How to Help Y

Is Legal Ripe for an Uber-like Disruption?

Is legal ripe for an Uber-like disruption? That is the question my friends at Logikcull posed to me when they invited me to an audio interview. My short answer: no! In October 2015, I spoke with Logikcull on innovation and disruption in the legal market. The audio is at the Logikcull 

Law Department Trends + Contract Management Opportunities

Now is law department survey season. In my prior post, GCs Now Do Less Law, I reported on the Altman Weil survey of Chief Legal Officers. Here, I report highlights of two other recent surveys: The Annual Law Department Operations Survey by the Blickstein Group  surveys law department

GCs Now Do Less Law

General Counsels seek to reduce cost, to do more with less. That is clear from virtually every survey and conference since the 2008 economic crisis. The Altman Weil 2015 Chief Legal Office Survey (PDF), which came out this week, confirms the trend. Question Six, which has three parts,

Filling the Gaps that Legal Complexity Causes – An Example

A big challenge in law is that rules vary significantly across jurisdictions. All practices – litigation, transactions, regulatory, and counselling – face this problem. That means even highly experienced lawyers often need help outside their home jurisdiction. If countries, states, pr