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Big Law Changing or Being Disrupted?

The legal market has seen a running debate since the economic crash: is Big Law being disrupted?  My short answer is no, it’s only changing. It’s not the three conferences in February alone on this question that prompt me to write today.  Rather, it’s the appearance

Legal Knowledge Management (KM) Trends Today

by Joshua Fireman & Ron Friedmann   INTRODUCTION My business partner Joshua Fireman and I recently co-moderated a roundtable of large, NYC-based law firms to discuss legal knowledge management trends.  HP Autonomy hosted the event with Matt Cleverdon, Solutions Manager: Legal

Maintaining Profitability with New Approaches to Legal and Business Support

Today I presented at the ALA 2014 annual conference on Maintaining Profitability with New Approaches to Legal and Business Support.  The slides are below.  I previously provided a preview of the talk in my March 2014 blog post, Steps to Survive the Coming Competition. Topics I cover i

It’s the Client, Stupid! (ReInvent Law Live)

Susan Hackett (@HackettInHouse) speaks at  #ReInventLaw.. The title of her talk: “It’s the Client, Stupid!” (Live post – forgive any typos.) Starts with a story about James Carville story, putting a story over President Clinton’s desk. It said, “It&

Bolstering KM Through User Experience Design

This is a live post from Legal Tech New York City.  The topic is Bolstering KM Through User Experience Design.  [Please excuse typos and inaccuracies – this will be brought live as session ends.] Panelists: Andrew Baker, Director of Legal Technology Innovations Office, Seyfarth

The New World of Legal Work – Comments on Jordan Furlong Report

Jordan Furlong of Law21 has written a new and provocative study, The New World of Legal Work: The Changing Rules of The 21st Century. It was commissioned by LOD, formerly known as Lawyers on Demand, which is affiliated with UK law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner>. I comment briefly on

Report Questions Large Law Firm Focus on Growth

A new report by The Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at Georgetown Law and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor reports on the current state of the large law firm market in the USA and questions the choice of many large law firms to make growth their strategy. Below I summarize ke

The Year of Design in Legal

Apple products sell for a premium because of their design. Solving Problems for Real World, Using Design in the New York Times today drives home the importance of design. at Stanford teaches that the way to come up with new designs is to  “focus on people”.  It wo

Highlights of the 2013 Altman Weil Chief Legal Officer Survey

Altman Weil, Inc. today released its 2013 Chief Legal Officer Survey.  I summarize here key findings and offer some comments. Money is Moving Away from Law Firms.  Law department budgets for internal work stayed almost the same from 2012 to 2013, about 44%.  But in that same time, the

BigLaw Musical Chairs: Will Some Firms be Eliminated?

When the music stops in musical chairs, someone has no chair and is out.  Are large US law firms playing the game? Many debate the future of large law firms: see the George Beaton blog post and comments at The rise and rise of the NewLaw business model.  I’ve never seen a  post