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Legal Tech is Not Enough

Legal tech is much ballyhooed  but is not enough to fix law firm and client problems.  The publisher of Legal IT Insider, also known as the Orange Rag, recently asked “leading legal tech suppliers and high profile management consultants to do some future gazing on the opportunit

Legal Operations – What We Know Now

Legal business operations, especially in corporate law departments, is on the rise.  Lawyers in both law firms and law departments require an array of business and administrative support. That support makes a huge difference to legal cost, effectiveness, quality, and turnaround times.

How AdvanceLaw Improves the Corporate Legal Market

The legal market has much room for improvement – we likely all agree on that.  But we don’t all agree on exactly how the legal market should be improved. I have therefore long been intrigued by AdvanceLaw, a group of over 150 corporate general counsel with a common vision for how to i

Should Law Firms Fear Losing Clients? (Altman Weil 2016 CLO Survey)

Should law firms fear losing clients? Many do already but just how much should they worry? The 2016 Altman Weil CLO Survey provides insight. The report opens with worrying data: 53% of law departments say they shifted a portfolio of work worth $50,000 or more because of a client servi

Will All Lawyers Work for the Big 4 by 2026?

In September, as a panelist at the College of Law Practice Management 2016 Futures Conference (PDF of agenda), I addressed the question “Will All Lawyers Work for the Big 4 by 2026?”. (The conference used the term mega accountants but it’s hard to imagine in 10 years

Delivering what clients want + getting paid for it (Live from #COLPM Futures)

This is a live blog post from the College of Law Practice Management 2016 Futures Conference (link to PDF of agenda). As a live post, please forgive any typos or misunderstandings of meaning. This session is How will we better deliver what clients want, and get paid for it? The sessio

ILTA Recap – Spot Video Interviews and Blog Posts

Last week I attended ILTACon, the 2016 conference of the International Legal Technology Association. Here is a recap of my activities for the week. The first section has links to the three sessions I attended and live blogged. The second has a pictorial summary of the session on the b

How Law Firms Should Prepare for the Future of Legal Services (HighQ SmartLaw Book Contribution)

HighQ, a UK-based software company serving the legal market, recently initiated  a conversation about SmarltLaw. It started with a website earlier this year. This month, the company released a short e-book that asked 15 experts to answer the question “What do you believe lawyers and l

Flex by Fenwick – A Strategic Approach to Service Delivery

FLEX by Fenwick is Fenwick & West LPP‘s 90-lawyer-strong interim in-house counsel business that “is the only service backed by an AmLaw 100 firm that provides custom solutions for interim in-house legal needs.” I have long followed alternative lawyer staffing mod

Do Large Law Firms Have to Start from Scratch to Automate?

A recent article about aircraft production observed that automation requires starting from scratch. Wow. It made me wonder if that’s so for law firms?. Airplane Makers Automate to Meet Surging Demand in the Wall Street Journal (9 July 2016) reports that Boeing and Airbus “