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Is the Pressure Building on Big Law?

I’ve complained that too many commentators predict Big Law disruption. With Big Law surviving the 2008-10 economic crisis largely intact and profits continuing to grow, it’s hard to see the disruption. What’s hard to miss though is the pressure Big Law faces from sev

Should Law Firms Fear Losing Clients? (Altman Weil 2016 CLO Survey)

Should law firms fear losing clients? Many do already but just how much should they worry? The 2016 Altman Weil CLO Survey provides insight. The report opens with worrying data: 53% of law departments say they shifted a portfolio of work worth $50,000 or more because of a client servi

Delivering what clients want + getting paid for it (Live from #COLPM Futures)

This is a live blog post from the College of Law Practice Management 2016 Futures Conference (link to PDF of agenda). As a live post, please forgive any typos or misunderstandings of meaning. This session is How will we better deliver what clients want, and get paid for it? The sessio

Is Big Law Having Its Kodak Moment?

A recent report suggests Big Law is having its Kodak moment. Before the turn of the century, “Kodak moments” were good. That successful marketing slogan prompted many snapshots. Today, a Kodak moment more likely means a famous company with a fabulous brand and fantastic ma

Is Legal Ripe for an Uber-like Disruption?

Is legal ripe for an Uber-like disruption? That is the question my friends at Logikcull posed to me when they invited me to an audio interview. My short answer: no! In October 2015, I spoke with Logikcull on innovation and disruption in the legal market. The audio is at the Logikcull 

Is Software Eating Law Departments?

Is software eating law departments, a question inspired by Marc Andreessen famously noting that software is eating everything. Is this true for law departments? The lead article in Inside Counsel Magazine (Dec 2015) may answer the question. The IC10 2015 Award Winners The 2015 IC10: T

Law Department Trends + Contract Management Opportunities

Now is law department survey season. In my prior post, GCs Now Do Less Law, I reported on the Altman Weil survey of Chief Legal Officers. Here, I report highlights of two other recent surveys: The Annual Law Department Operations Survey by the Blickstein Group  surveys law department

The Transformation of the Delivery of Law

This is a live blog post from HyperionGP Solution Accelerator Conference. This 2-day event brings “together Law Department operations managers with leading Industry Experts and [Enterprise Legal Management] ELM Solution Providers in a highly interactive forum focused on success

Can Big Law Learn from Hotel Room Design + Airline Pricing?

Sometimes a blog post just cries to be written. Tonight I read hardcopy of the Wall Street Journal. Side by side articles on page 1 of Personal Journal struck me as offering – with a little imagination – lessons for law firms. Secrets to Creating a Better Hotel Room explai

Legal Operations Professionals – The New Change Agents (Live Post)

This is a live post from the Bloomberg Big Law Summit. Please excuse any typos or errors in how I capture proceedings. Session Description 1:00 pm  Panel Session:   The New Change Agents A decade ago or so, almost nobody would have looked at legal operations as a hot career path, yet