Sometimes little details make a big difference in how law firms use technology for marketing. 

I needed a lawyer with specific expertise in a particular office of a multi-national law firm. The expertise is easily described by a unique search term, so I used the search feature to look for lawyers. I searched two AmLaw 100 web sites. One returned a neatly organized table of lawyers indicating their position, office, and practice. The other returned a list where each lawyer entry was four lines: two slightly different URLs, both with the lawyer’s name embedded in the URL; a line with the lawyer’s name; and a time stamp of unknown meaning.

Intrigued by the stark difference in search result displays, I searched on the issue in question and again, one set of results was neat and useful, the other not. With the ever-growing reliance on search to find information, I am surprised a large firm has not worked harder to present search results cleanly.