I am trying a new idea – occasional posts highlighting articles, blog entries, and vendor web sites that I have recently found interesting.  

Beyond sharing my “findings,” this is personal knowledge management for me. By creating a blog category and labeling entries, I hope that I can find these references for myself in the future.

Practice Group and Law Firm Management
Two articles by Susan Raridon Lambreth of Hildebrandt in the Feburary and March issues of Law Practice Today:
How Do Client and Industry Teams Fit Into Our Practice Management Structure?
What Does It Take to Develop Effective Law Firm Leaders?
Blog post on Matt Homann’s the [non]billable hour: Attorneys Aren’t Knowledge Workers [by guest blogger Ron Baker]

March LPT article by Ed Poll:
Do You Know Who – and Where – Your Biggest Clients Are?

Knowledge Management
Blog post by Ross Dawson on organizational network analysis
Organizational network analysis goes mainstream

e-Discovery Vendors of Interest
PSS Systems: “Retain, dispose, preserve, produce” solution.
Clearwell Systems: “By discovering, organizing and analyzing the information captured in email, Clearwell enables you to lower discovery costs”