Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

Using Google doc for 1st time in a while (for a legal #KM group). Finding editing easier than in Word. Will report if KM profs share 🙂 ! 01 May 11

@slaw_dot_ca post on Howrey demise, legal outsourcing, and innovation || Suggests firms partner with LPO. #LawFactory 02 May 11

Microsoft Deficit Watch – Excel 2010 – Pivot Tables ARE sensitive to trailing spaces in text but auto filter is NOT. Bug or feature? 02 May 11 Reed Smith Hires K&L Gates Partner to Create #eDiscovery Practice || See my 2007 post 03 May 11

ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 Recommends Amending Lawyer Ethics Rules to Address Legal Process Outsourcing 03 May 11

Too bad Twitter does not provide average Tweets/day – more useful in assessing whether to follow than total number 03 May 11

RT @jordan_law21: Seth Godin nails the legal profession in 200 words: long work vs. hard work: || AFA implications? 03 May 11

RT @legalit Recommind Forms Strategic Alliance w LexisNexis for Hosted #eDiscovery || Interesting wrt Applied Discovery 05 May 11

RT @jogdc: The Myth and the Madness of Cost Effective Lexis and Westlaw Research Training || Fabulous post 06 May 11

‘A less gilded future’ The Economist on the legal new, lesser normal || Sums up trends. More GC to get the message. 06 May 11

Are cell phones the rabbit ear antennas of the 21st Century? You have to move them to get a better signal. #in 06 May 11 is new model DC-based law firm. Separates practice and biz services. Virtual. Like Axiom but a law firm? 9-May-11

How should we interpret Warhol’s “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” in the social media age? #in 9-May-11

Got PR e-mail on a book re ‘Break your Tech Addiction’ but I’m too busy Tweeting to read it 9-May-11

Given all the Microsoft software deficits I’ve logged here, hard for me to imagine Skype getting better under its ownership #in 10-May-11

via @Christianuncut Fenwick & West adopts Excalibur Sharepoint-based #DMS; replaces ‘usual’ large firm DMS 2 options 11-May-11

Will Microsoft Skype cut off calls so it can update software, like it shuts down my Win 7 PC to update Windows w/o asking me? 11-May-11

As I read Legal IT survey by @LegalIT, only 50% of law firm BI usage goes to really understanding the business. Sad. 11-May-11

@legalfutures post: Profits soar at Australian law firm consolidator || Shared, central services a factor 16-May-11

When people write in a note “friendly reminder”, does that mean they might write an unfriendly one? #in 17-May-11

Search on a top 20 global law firm’s website returns fewer hits than using Google for same search. Does BigLaw really get websites? 18-May-11

Legal Week: Eversheds Consulting plans growth after key client roles || ‘deepen client relationships’ – good strategy 19-May-11

Bought new backup laptop. Perhaps the zillion choices + incoherent explanations drive some buyers to iPad. 23-May-11

Microsoft Deficit Watch – Excel 2010 – charts with ‘data range too complex to be displayed’. Two decades into a product – I don’t get it. 24-May-11

New @DannyErtel post: re legal outsourcing: How do you Build Your “Dream Team”? || gd overview of options / issues 26-May-11

RT @KMHobbie #iltakm blog re recently released outstanding legal #km bibliography || Good resource 27-May-11

Microsoft Deficit Watch – Win 7 – error: file name too long to copy. || How can exist on hard drive as legal name but be too long? 27-May-11

New Yorker Cartoon: We’re ready to begin the next phase of keeping things exactly the way they are || Law firm motto? 31-May-11