Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

If Howrey goes down, leaves big leases. Would BigLaw then think: more working virtually = less space needed = lower fixed obligations #in 28 Feb 2010

As a kid, I lived w threat of marks on my ‘permanent record’. Feared then, laughable now. Kids now create real perm rec’s with social media 28 Feb 2010

Yet another confirmation e-mail with my password in plain text. Should this be a violation of privacy law? Is it? Certainly a bad practice 1 Mar 2010

@bdetamore @glambert @gnawledge yes clients + firms must talk more but on ‘what shd it cost’, GCs shd pool data > wld up bargaining power 1 Mar 2010

@allenovery video David Morley on big legal trends | global, competition, branding, tech, industrialization, talent 4 Mar 2010

@stephenmayson Agree LSA threat to US law firms overstated short term but under-rated long term. Innovation likely – impact unpredictable 7 Mar 2010

Hildebrandt: Outside Legal Spending: Where is the Money Going? || Nice data, eg, 30% US outside counsel $ to litigation 7 Mar 2010

Paul Greenwood, CIO, Clifford Chance on migrating law firm IT to the cloud. Very interesting. 9 Mar 2010

MT @jkubicki: Legal Services Act (proposal) comes to North Carolina || Good overview + links to other coverage 11 Mar 2010
“an act to allow nonattorney ownership of professional corporation law firms….” is link to proposed NC bill 10 Mar 2010

Online innovation: a privacy policy generator by @jordan_law21 re || #LawFactory example 15 Mar 2010

Bar & Bench interview of Milbank partner || comments on legal process outsourcing at this BigLaw. No #LawFactory? 16 Mar 2010

LTN: Codean Visualizer Gives Definition to Your Documents || analyze contract definitions. Anyone remember ExpertEase? 17 Mar 2010

How bad would SecurID breach be so law firm using its tokens might face waived privilege or liability for disclosing client confidence? #in 19 Mar 2010

W. Post: Law Firms Need to Act More Like Businesses + Hire Accordingly, Prof Says || #LawFactory and MBAs 21 Mar 2010

MT @stephenmayson: Great Guardian piece : Tesco law not big bang but will change legal services || keep eye on UK 25 Mar 2010
@stephenmayson @tcorcoran re LSA + providers compete w law firm customers. Possible? Yes. Good strategy? Unlikely for most. 25 Mar 2010

E-mail from Linkedin says I am user # 42,693. Linkedin hit 100m this week. #in 25 Mar 2010

Thomson Reuters YouTube video on Pangea3 || 3 min with Tony Abena on how P3 legal outsourcing / LPO fits with TRI 28 Mar 2010

Co Op Set To Offer Legal Advice At Network Of Bank Branches Legalweek mobile ||Tesco law at work 29 Mar 2010

Productivity Enhancer of the Day: Vonage transcription of voice-mail. Saves listening – screen junk, prioritize faster 30 Mar 2010

Legal Week: Linklaters to discuss flexi-working w clients to build support | Many firms lack courage to talk to clients 31 Mar 2010