Done something innovative in the legal market? Then get recognition for it. 

The College of Law Practice Management (I am a trustee) sponsors the InnovAction Award. InnovAction honors innovation in law practice management. Law firms, law departments, and other legal service providers can apply. Innovation can range from technology, to new business models, to marketing campaigns, to creative office design.

Review the InnovAction web site and consider submitting an application. For more information:

The College of Law Practice Management is accepting entries for the 2011 InnovAction Awards through June 1st at Rules and application forms are at; .

Originally the award recognized innovation that was “never been done before”. The College felt that such a stringent standard meant we could not recognize the many important innovations that put a new spin or execution on old ideas. The judging criteria are:

  • Disruption: does this entry change an important element of the legal services process for the better, and marketplace expectations along with it?
  • Value: is the client and/or legal industry better off because of this entry, in terms of the affordability, ease, relevance or its effect on legal services?
  • Effectiveness: has this entry delivered real, demonstrable or measurable benefits, for the provider, its clients, or the marketplace generally?
  • Originality: is this a novel idea or approach, or a new twist on an existing idea or approach?

If you are fortunate enough to have created a competitive edge, let the world know. But do it by June 1st.

Because I am a Trustee and because I believe in legal innovation, I want to recognize the sponsors who make this award possible:

Platinum Sponsors:
Greenfield/Belser Ltd.
Practical Law Company
Inside Legal

Gold Sponsors:
ABA Law Practice Management Section
Attorney at Work
The Canadian Bar Association
International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)
Thomson Reuters

Silver Sponsors:
Altman Weil, Inc.
Association of Legal Administrators
Legal Marketing Association

InnovAction Award