Successful large law firm CIOs have learned many secrets to managing legal technology. 

Over the last year, I wrote in this blog about maxims for managing legal technology. I collected and refined these blog posts, which have now been published as Maxims for Managing Legal Technology: Unwritten Rules for the Law Firm CIO or IT Director in the June 2008 issue of Law Technology Today, an e-zine of the ABA.

Here are the seven secrets in summary:
1. Tech Enthusiasts May be Your Worst Enemies
2. Let Chaos Work for You, Not Against You
3. Honestly Held Beliefs May be Wrong
4. Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom – Not!
5. Better to Seek Forgiveness than Ask for Permission
6. Less is More
7. Reverse the Persuasion Equation (also known as Don’t Push on Strings)