Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

Warning to #ILTA10 attendees: Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime NYTimes || if u r reading this, stop

A lot of devices open and in use at #ILTA10…. how many are listening, Tweeting, blogging. How many multi-tasking?

Orange Rag: LexisNexis in document assembly deal with Business Integrity || content + tools (@ChristianUncut )

Can Outsourcing Help Improve Lawyer Job Satisfaction? Am Law || views on legal outsourcing by ex Kirkland partner

Georgetown Law dean, W. Post: clients won’t pay 4 assoc routine / repetitious work; more outsourcing + contract empl

The Billable Hour Endures @AmLawDaily || the forces marshaled against AFA

RT @jordan_law21: Powerful ABA Journal piece on non-lawyer investment in law firms: || legal outsourcers featured

Good law firm marketing: MoFo Tech mag found @ US Air Shuttle. Practical legal content + nice lay-out. At

‘Deep down, law firm leaders may not want law departments to improve’ via @ReesMorrison || And GCs comply

Paul Hastings partner + EDD practice co-chair decamps for DiscoverReady. Partner>Vendor: blip or trend?

LegalWeek: Business as usual – the next step for Rio Tinto’s outsourcing deal || legal outsourcing (LPO) deal to expand

The Lawyer: Regional UK firm Pannone will emphasize legal process outsourcing and e-offerings || #LawFactory ?

Legal Week: Eversheds targets in-house with new consultancy business venture || conflict? who’s the real competition?

Legal Week: Colt hands BLP outsourcing arm its second deal || BLP managed legal services concept gains traction

I used to have problems syncing my BlackBerry. Now I have an iPhone and MobileMe… and still have a problem Working with Apple via chat.

For those who suggested iPhone as answer to BlackBerry issues… lost 90 min to Apple today and calendar sync problem still unresolved.