In this Roundup, some well-known legal tech and legal management people are on the move; an analysis of why law firms are not good at team work; and a survey of software in use at top UK law firms. 

People on the Move

The Challenge of Working in Law Firms Explained
Jordan Furlong writes in Cheating or collaborating? about law schools not teaching team work. I’ve long thought that a fundamental challenge of working in large law firms – and innovating – is that many lawyers are team-challenged. It starts in school. And Jordan calls law schools on this atavistic approach.

Survey of Software in Use by Top 250 UK Law Firms
Legal Technology Insider tracks software in use by the top 250 British law firms, as reported in the Orange Rag blog. Sorted by number of fee-earners in the UK, the list reports summary stats for the firm and the brands of software in use for accounting, document management, case-workflow-BPM, digital dictation, CRM & marketing, cost recovery, document assembly, knowledge management, and library management. I am not aware of an equivalent free resource for US firms. (The closest match I can think of is ALM’s 2006 Tech Buys – this link is on this site and is a sponsored link. If anyone knows of better US resources, please let me know.)