The International Legal Technology Association is conducting a knowledge management survey for an upcoming KM white paper. It is open to non-ILTA members. 

An e-mail from ILTA, which I have permission to share, states “In preparation for an article which will be published in a future ILTA whitepaper, the ILTA KM Peer Group is conducting a survey to assess the scope of knowledge management initiatives in the legal sector. We are interested in compiling trends about KM strategy and projects as well as collaboration points with administrative departments. We hope to learn more about current activities, ascertain how far we have come with KM initiatives to date, and map out where we see ourselves heading in the future.”

Click here to complete the ILTA KM survey. This is a link to a Zoomerang survey with 25 questions, several demographic, the rest substantive.

Update (22 April 2008): The ILTA web site now includes a launch point for this KM survey.