Matthew Parson, in connection with Joy London’s Excited Utterances, has conducted a knowledge management survey. Share the knowledge in reports a summary of the findings.  

“The objective of the research was to investigate current practices, roles, leadership turnover, resources and structures for KM in law firms.” Based on some of the summary findings reported, I suspect that there is a fair bit of sample bias toward large law firms. The findings are nonetheless interesting and worth reading. Key take aways for me:

  • UK firms are still far ahead of US firms
  • For firms doing KM and reporting on growth, budgets and activity have increased for the most part and will continue to do so.
  • Firms are more willing now to look outside for KM leaders.
  • Only a minority of firms with KM program use outside consultants. [Bad news for me :-)]
  • “quality, service and non-financial objectives [are] the most important objectives.” I suspect this means more UK firms participated then US firms!