I have joined Integreon as Senior Vice President, Marketing and no longer offer consulting services. 

I have covered legal outsourcing for a long time. My fourth blog post in May 2003 was Central Back Offices and Outsourcing, the first entry in my outsourcing blog category. Plus I have written articles about outsourcing and, with Joy London, maintain a list of outsourced legal services.

So it may not be a surprise that I have joined Integreon, a leading provider of outsourced legal and knowledge services. Integreon offers e-discovery and offshore document review services (among others), two topics about which I have blogged frequently and consulted on as well. An Integreon press release provides more detail about my new role.

Though I’ve “changed hats” and no longer offer consulting services, I will still write this blog, covering the same topics, and maintain PrismLegal.com as an information resource. We all have our own perspective and “irons in the fire,” even journalists, much less most bloggers, who also have day jobs. But I intend to continue what I hope readers have found an informative, provocative, occasionally opinionated, and fair perspective in my posts.