Jordan Furlong picks up and expands on themes I raised in Benefits of Blogging Redux

In Lawyer blogs vs. law firm brands, Furlong suggests that firm-branded blogs cannot succeed because the voice of each lawyer-blogger will differ. Before I saw this post, I read Wal-Mart Tastemakers Write Unfiltered Blog in the New York Times (3 March 2008). This article describes how buttoned-down Wal-Mart, after some false starts with blogging, now allows some buyers to blog without censorship or review on a Wal-Mart branded blog. If the tightly-controlled Wal-Mart can deal with the multiplicity of voices, I think that large law firms can as well. In my view, uniformity of voice is not a requirement for Big Law branded blogs to succeed.

Separately, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, in Law-Firm Blogs: Marketing Device or Mere Diversion?, picked up on the BigLaw blogging theme.