I am pleased to share the news that effective 2 January 2019, I started as Chief Knowledge + Information Officer at LAC Group.

You can read the company press release here.  Los Angeles-headquartered LAC Group provides critical knowledge and information management solutions such as competitive intelligence, research services, preservation and archival services, spend and cost management as well as knowledge management services for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, Hollywood studios, academic institutions and government agencies. Founded in 1986, LAC Group is a leader in delivering high-quality, cost-effective business services that help organizations manage and curate physical and digital information, data and content.

As I noted in the press release, “I’ve lived through the transition from computer punch cards to smart phones, and from information scarcity to information over-abundance. I’m excited about enhancing LAC’s ability to help bring order to information, add value to it and deliver it to users how and when they want it.”

Caroline Hill, publisher of Legal IT Insider, covered my move in her article US legal IT movers and shakers: Ron Friedmann joins LAC Group as chief knowledge and information officer. As I noted there, “One of the important elements of my role will be to help further tech-enable LAC for internal use as well as being client facing, which can touch anything from intranets to mobile devices. People in business are consuming information in many different contexts so a question I have is how and when do they want to consume information; where do they want to get it; and how can we make sure it’s delivered cost effectively.” (I welcome thoughts on answers to that question!)

I look forward to building on my long career in law practice management and legal technology to take on this new set of challenges. I will continue to blog here and Tweet @ronfriedmann, covering many of the same topics as I have in the past, as well as new ones.