Brad Hildebrandt, one of the best known and most established consultants in the legal market (and founder and head of Hildebrandt International) has issued a very interesting special report on the potential to outsource legal work to India. 

Mr. Hildebrandt reports that his firm will get involved in outsourcing and is considering several business models:

“1. To consult with our clients on outsourcing as well as developments in the Indian legal system.

2. To discuss with a number of clients their interest in coming together to invest in a captive company that will provide services to the profession.

3. To enter into a joint venture with an existing U.S.-based or Indian-based company where we can have input into the design of the services, security arrangements and service capabilities.”

Regular readers of my blog know that I have been following outsourcing for some time and that I believe any effective outsourcing will need to make smart use of technology to distribute and manage work across disparate locations.