FTI Consulting announced on Tuesday that it is acquiring Attenex. 

FTI is already a major player in e-discovery; it also owns popular litigation support software Ringtail. The press release, FTI Consulting, Inc. to Acquire Attenex Corporation, dated 10 June 2008, enumerates several expected strategic advantages, including “Accelerates Penetration of Corporate Market for in-house eDiscovery Processing.” There will be a public conference call on Wednesday (6/11/08) at 9am EDT.

Over the last 15 months, Lextranet, MetaLINCs, Stratify, and now Attenex have been acquired. MetaLINCs is the only one where the company acquiring was not already an obvious EDD player. Who’s next?

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Update (15 June 2006) For a financial analysis of this deal, including deal multiples and a comparison to the Seagate acquisition of MetalLINCS, see FTI Consulting Acquires Attenex for $88 million over at Clearwell’s blog.