Perhaps the first and most popular legal KM blog is excited utterances by Joy London. Joy recently announced an expanded offering that will be of interest to many legal professionals. 

In a recent post, Joy explains that she is joining forces with Law Librarian News. excited utterances moves to a new location ( and now offers a subscription-based newsletter called “Law Librarian News & excited utterances.” Joy writes that

“Pairing my award-winning KM blog with editor Sean Hocking’s acclaimed Law Librarian News, the semi-monthly “Law Librarian News & excited utterances” will deliver direct-to-desktop news-you-can-use — by, for and about the global legal information and knowledge management market. While excited utterances will continue to deliver the same reliable online coverage of legal KM that its readers have come to rely upon, our new combined publication creates the perfect vehicle for legal knowledge managers and law librarians who want to understand the machinations of the current market.”

With Joy’s permission, you can view the inaugural issue with excited utterance here. KM professionals and law librarians should consider subscribing. Some additional information:

  • To access the excited utterances blog and the LLN archive via (free access until July 1, 2006), you will need a password and user name.
  • The content will be available every other week (on Fridays) delivered as a PDF by e-mail.
  • Multiple subscriptions for enterprises are available.
  • is Australia’s leading independent source for info about legal blogs, firms and news.