I’ve previously posted about the convergence of corporate information life cycle management systems and the e-discovery market, including the entry of EMC into the market in February 2006. Now, the next move. 

In the current (Jan 2008) issue of American Lawyer magazine EMC has a white paper as a 4-page inserted advertisement (“A Practical Approach – Ten-step framework for effective policy management and in-house eDiscovery”). It’s targeted toward inhouse counsel with a message about managing information to avoid EDD problems. The same insert also appears in the January Law Tech News.

Ads do not equate to market share but can serve as an indication of intent. EMC may be poised to invest more in the discovery market. That said, SAP placed an 8-page essay in the September 2005 American Lawyer and I did not see a subsequent push in legal.

Speaking of ads as indicators, CRA International also has ads in the current American Lawyer offering “legal business consulting” for “running a corporate legal department.” That’s the first I’ve seen of this company targeting corporate law departments for legal operations and other services.