I am writing this blog post to crowdsource the legal market for its challenges and response in the coronavirus pandemic and range of restrictions.

Please consider taking this coronavirus challenges and responses survey. And feel free to share the link. The first screen has two questions that ask your biggest challenge and the second your response. The second screen has additional optional questions. The third, optional identifying information.

As I note in the survey, I do not require any identifying information. If you do choose to provide some or all identifying information, I will NOT publish it unless you explicitly ask me to. (And I may not publish all responses – that depends on how many I get. If I get a lot, I will summarize themes and select examples to share.)

I do ask you to consider answering at least the organization type and size questions as that provides important context for your challenge and response.

If I the response is decent, then I will consider re-running this survey in the future, which could be next week or next month. The situation is so fast moving and unprecedented that none of us know what to expect. That’s why I decided a sharing and crowdsourcing approach could be helpful.

I thank Michael Kraft of Kraft Kennedy and Suzanne Rose of MYLEGALOPS for the inspiration to write this post.

By the way, I initially thought about writing a blog post about remote working but when I got to that, I had seen so many articles and blog posts about it, that it seemed redundant. So this seems much more useful.