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Legal Tech is Not Enough

Legal tech is much ballyhooed  but is not enough to fix law firm and client problems.  The publisher of Legal IT Insider, also known as the Orange Rag, recently asked “leading legal tech suppliers and high profile management consultants to do some future gazing on the opportunit

The Coming Changes in How Lawyers Practice

In this century we have seen dramatic changes in the legal market. From a period of plenty, we moved to one of seeming scarcity. Many commentators suggest that the legal market has been, is being, or will be disrupted. I have a different point of view: if the 2007-10 economic crisis d

Do Large Law Firms Have to Start from Scratch to Automate?

A recent article about aircraft production observed that automation requires starting from scratch. Wow. It made me wonder if that’s so for law firms?. Airplane Makers Automate to Meet Surging Demand in the Wall Street Journal (9 July 2016) reports that Boeing and Airbus “

Tracking Law Firm R&D Initiatives

My June 2015 blog post Law Firm R&D Initiatives Grow – Time for a League Table? recapped recent large law firm research and development announcements. It asked if the time had come for a Big Law R&D league table. That time has now arrived. Early last week I published a R&D

Driving Efficiencies in the Law Practice (Live Post)

This is a live post from the Bloomberg Big Law Summit. Please excuse any typos or errors in how I capture proceedings. Session Description 1:30 pm  Panel Session:   Driving Efficiencies in the Law Practice Advances in process management and technology – and a changing mindset around o

Law Firm R&D Initiatives Grow – Time for a League Table?

In the last 15 months, three large law firms announced legal tech R&D initiatives. Dentons issued a press release in May reporting that its new venture, NextLaw Labs,  is “a global collaborative innovation platform focused on developing, deploying, and investing in new techn

Strategies for Change Management in Large Law Firms

Lawyers and law firms have a reputation for resisting new things. Yet both have changed quite a bit in recent decades. Understanding these changes, and how to encourage future ones, was the topic of a presentation – Strategies for Change Management – that my colleague Jim

ILTA 2014 Law Firm Tech Survey – Highlights

The ILTA 2014 Law Firm Tech Survey was just released. The International Legal Technology Association each year conducts a comprehensive survey of law firm technology. At 301 pages, the report is packed with information. I summarize here findings on practice support and the business of

Improving and Automating Law Firm Business Support Services

The recently released LexisNexis

IT Spending Shifts to Marketing – Law Firm Implications?

Corporate information technology is shifting from chief information officers to chief marketing officers. Should large law firm CIOs pay attention to this trend?  Gartner reports that by 2017, the CMO will control more tech spending than the CIO. In response, IBM “is making