Blogs Help You Cope With Data Overload — If You Manage Them in the Wall Street Journal (7/8/04, p. B1) Personal Technology column focuses on using a newsreader to aggregate content from multiple blogs. 

The columnist explains that to “juggle all those blogs” one should use a newsreader to “bring together the latest postings from your favorite blogs in a single place.” In my prior post, Reading Multiple Blogs with a News Aggregator, I explained why I use Bloglines. The columnist reports that he tested several aggregators but had “the best experience with a service called Bloglines.” I was happy to see my choice seconded. The column also addresses a concern I’ve had, which is how Bloglines will make money. It reports the service will “use unobtrusive Google-style ads to bring in revenue.”

Now, here’s a question: how often does a new technology have to be reported in the general or business press before it is safe to assume that the typical partner has heard of it? The answer matters for those who manage law firm technology. In my experience, many partners do not internalize that a new technology exists until it is virtually ubiquitous. That means technology managers or advocates in law firms should not presume the typical partner is aware of much new technology (numerous news reports notwithstanding) and therefore should be prepared to explain it in simple terms, focusing on the benefits and utility.