Joy London (of excited utterances) and I track branded blogs of large law firms. We have updated the list we first published in March 2007. 

Our directory of large US firm blogs has grown:
– 15 AmLaw 200 firms, up from 9, have firm-branded blogs
– 7 AmLaw 200 firms have RSS feeds, up from 5; the number of feed topics has more than doubled
– We now include a few large British firms

Finding RSS feeds and firm-branded blogs for AmLaw 200 is not that easy. Kevin O’Keefe’s LexBlog has designed many large law firm blogs and Kevin lists them on the Lexblog portfolio page. We also search the web sites of large law firms using the Google custom search engine for AmLaw 100 firms that I created.

With ever-increasing law firm marketing budgets (2% according to one survey), I am surprised more firms do not invest in branded blogs to generate leads. In my presentation, Blogging: Why the Fuss (presented at the ALA Annual Conference, May 2007), I suggested a framework to compare marketing “channels.” In my estimation, blogging is one of the more effective ones, though readers can use the framework to reach a different conclusion depending on the weight assigned to each channel consideration (e.g., cost, frequency, and ease of measurement).

If we have missed any large firm branded blogs, please send e-mail to ron @ prismlegal dot com.