This roundup highlights some of my Tweets (@ronfriedmann) in March and April focusing on The New Normal, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), and e-discovery. 



UK @RiverViewLaw offers fixed fees, subscriptions, refunds, #KM bank of 650 docs, consulting to GCs. Interesting #LawFactory  20 Feb

RT @jordan_law21 post – Rebundling the law firm || helpful way to think about services firms can/should offer  22 Feb

@atlblog: Bingham McCutchen Laysoff Staff || with BigLaw overhead/L > $200k, more cuts likely

Legal Week article by / on Simmons & Simmons online legal service || @elexica re-launched  8 Mar

Conflicted, and Often Getting a Pass || Bob Weber, GC IBM – law firm outside ownership would be worse? Explain.  13 Mar

NYSBA Ethics Opinion 911 (3/14/12) || NY lawyers practicing in NY cannot work for firm with non-lawyer owners  21 Mar

Legal Week: Eversheds makes temp lawyer service Agile permanent w 80 lawyers || Now at least 3 firms offer temp Ls   23 Mar

RT @pangea3: ACC Census Sees Power, Pay, and Prestige for In-House Counsel || and more build than buy   30 Mar

Legal Week: UK Simmons opens lower cost office in Bristol for “high end advice in close co-operation with London”   3 Apr

Companies Reset Legal Costs || as more CEOs read about AFA, trend likely to grow even faster  9 Apr

Want quick overview of BigLaw new normal? See today @ValoremLamb + @jordan_law21  11 Apr

Ethics 20/20 Comm. Suspends Campaign to Draft Proposal on Nonlawyer Ownership of Law Firms @ABAJournal || my eyes roll    16 Apr

RT @axiom_law: When the white shoes walk away || scathing Bloomberg article on BigLaw  19 Apr

The Death Spiral of America’s Big Law Firms – The Atlantic || cannibalizing, not innovating (HT @jeffrey_brandt )  20 Apr

Is Your Firm or Legal Department ‘Old Normal’ or ‘New Normal’? See Our Checklist by @PaulLippe || Great comparison  24 Apr

“Lower cost structures helped propel two firms onto The Am Law 100” || In New Normal, costs + rates matter   27 Apr



LiveMint / WSJ reports CPA Global LPO headcount in India has dropped b/c demand down, work shifting to US  24 Feb

ABA Ethics 20/20 Comm outsourcing report || imo, no big changes. Makes clear legal outsourcing is ok subj to rules  29 Feb

NLJ: A Decade of Legal Services Outsourcing || LPO overview / retrospective by head of Mindcrest   Mar 10

@gnawledge (3 Geeks) post: Managing the Law Firm Risk Role in Outsourcing || integrating LPM + LPO to comply w ethics   14 Mar

Lawyers Weekly (Aus.): In-house counsel embrace LPO || Oz is a leading indicator for Anglo legal markets   16 Mar

Press release: Merrill Corporation Adds Legal Process Outsourcing Services in India ||  20 Mar

The Lawyer: @Axiom_Law to open Belfast delivery center || LPO competition?  20 Mar

@dannyertel post on sourcing and LPO #LPO || succinct report on state of market  10 Apr



@RalphLosey explains why lawyers must let go idea of linear document review in #eDiscovery || how long a wait?  12 Mar

Da Silva Moore + Kleen = It’s All About the Math || statistics key in #eDiscovery 10 Apr

The Great Ediscovery Shake-up – or is that Shakeout! by @ChristianUncut || gr8 recent deal wrap-up / state of market   16 Apr