Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

RT @wiredgc: Legal Tech + the Rise of the Virtual Lawyers || Cost effective approach to #LawFactory work – and more 26 Feb

Biz card questions: 1. Has sharing mobile # become the norm? 2. When will fax # go away? #in  25 Feb

RT @ozolincomments WestCoast KM Meeting Notes || AFA, SharePoint, mobile. More ‘non-KM KM’? 24 Feb

Law Firm Transitions blog: What Law Firms Can Learn From || will #LawFactory work way up food chain? 23 Feb

WSJ: Big Law’s $1,000-Plus an Hour Club || but will superstar partner rates fix broken leverage system? 23 Feb

RT @integreonedd guide to best practices for managing doc review in e-discovery by integreon | is ur review defensible?  21 Feb

RT @jordan_law21: Great new blog post from @pwoldow on the next generation of RFPs: || tough new normal for law firms 18 Feb

Legal Week: Deutsche Bank pushes firms on legal outsourcing || DB pressuring firms to use LPO; will others do same? 16 Feb

RT @christianuncut #OrangeRag case study: Clifford Chance retiring OpenText for #Sharepoint + #cloud  15 Feb

MT @kingsley_martin launched new web site – for global contract standards || open source law, #LawFactory 14 Feb

NYT: Consumers innovate more than producers || what of innovation in BigLaw where clients cut of same cloth as firms? 10 Feb

RT @allenoveryjobs unique opp in London for eBusiness Sales Exec || online legal services live (10 lawyers, 4 others) 8 Feb

@aricpress on law firm stratification, mergers and profitability || some firms have to do a lot of #lawfactory work  5 Feb

@AllenOvery to launch 300-strong support centre in Belfast via @legal_week|| bigger news than anything at #LTNY2 Feb

RT @lposavvy: Morrison & Foerster Predicts “Robust Growth” for Offshore Legal Outsourcing – Law Without Borders:  2 Feb

Australian Judge urges law firms to mind costs, pointing to legal process outsourcing as lower cost alt, Oz Biz w WSJ  31 Jan

Is there anyone at #LTNY with tech chops to re-optimize Hilton elevator algorithms to improve delivery times? 30 Jan