Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets. In this Roundup, I cover Tweets since September 2011. Plus I’ve highlighted several articles about the legal market from mainstream media sources. 



Economist on AI impact on knowledge workers, incl lawyers || AI may outrace ability to replace jobs. HT @jkubicki  6 Nov 2011

NYTimes: Selling Pieces of Law Firms to Investors || more MSM on emerging legal issues  29 Oct 2011

The Australian: Law firm ‘Staff on chopping block as slump hits’ || Beaton analyst: partnering with LPO is a must  27 Oct 2011

WSJ: What’s A First-Year Lawyer Worth? || MSM picks up on legal economics. More on contract lawyers.  17 Oct 2011

RT @larryribstein: Litigation funding grows | (WSJ sub req’d) || will investor $$ bring needed analytic discipline?  3 Oct 2011
RT @joshuafireman: Will Robots Steal Your Job? Automation and lawyers: || #LawFactory meet BigData  2 Oct 2011
Biz Week ViewPoint: Law Firms Should Spurn Outside Investments by IBM GC (h/t #PinHawk @jeffrey_brandt )  22 Sep 2011


Carolyn Elefant post: Proposed ABA Ethics 20/20 Rules requires oversight of Lexis, Westlaw (HT @gnawledge) || !  18 Nov 2011

@DiscoverReady Team Holds Summit on Quality in Document Review (post) || look fwd to these #eDiscovery results  17 Nov 2011

Legal Week: 80% of GCs see cost as important but most slow to measure value and efficiency of efforts || surprising?  17 Nov 2011

The Decision Tree, Step by Step: How Much Is Your Million Dollar Case Worth? || decision tree example (HT @gnawledge)  14 Nov 2011

Great @MorganLewisLaw LTN article on automating #eDiscovery || Beginning of end of human review?  12 Nov 2011

@gnawledge post – bet farm legal market shrinking || Good insight – I agree  2 Nov 2011

@vmaryabraham post: Seyfarth’s Success Story [#Ark] || great write-up of Lean Six Sigma at a firm  1 Nov 2011

Above the Law: O’Melveny & Myers Replaces 75 Humans With Technology || outsource to Williams Lea in Wheeling WV  18 Oct 2011

@DannyErtel post: Useful Scorecards for Legal Process Outsourcing || good matrix to evaluate LPO   15 Oct 2011

LTN: Contract Management Software Helps Lawyers Gain the Upper Hand || Big opening for law firms that embrace CMS  11 Oct 2011

WSJ Law Blog: @LegalZoom Sues North Carolina Bar || seeks declaratory judgment re no UPL   7 Oct 2011

SNR profits drive prompts new push in low-cost Milton Keynes arm || another cost lowering insourcing strategy   6 Oct 2011

Freshfields holds off on launch of alumni network temp project until 2012- Legalweek || tweaking a good idea   6 Oct 2011 looks cool. Blog post brewing. Do other firms have dedicated #eDiscovery sites? #in #Masters11  4 Oct 2011