Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

NLJ reports 2010 lawyer billing rates up ‘only’ 2.7% || If that’s post realization, exceeds inflation and most markets 6 Dec

Reading ‘Do You Think I Should Go to Law School?’ by @attnyatwork || multiple answers, including mine 7 Dec

RT @alexander_group Telecommuters: Really Working? || gd read. If you don’t trust lawyers working at home, fire them 7 Dec

For Word 2010, how did Microsoft decide what goes under Insert v Reference menus? Distinctions seem arbitrary / non-intuitive to me. 9 Dec

@legal_week Beachcroft lays out new structure of free-standing claims division | Another UK #LawFactory. When in US? 9 Dec

RT @amlawdaily Cost Reduction is Good, Cost Certainty is Better || Must read overview of legal market trends 10 Dec

Citi Managing Partner Confidence Index via WSJ (PDF) – documents price pressure BigLaw faces 10 Dec

The Lawyer: UK law firms “mired in an intellectual dead-end” + no “coherent vision of disaggregated legal services” || 13 Dec 2010

The Australian: Seismic change to shift legal scene forever || Observer calls law firms clueless. Oz is canary for US 16 Dec 2010

Legal spend % revenue by @ReesMorrison: Rev>$20B 0.22% // 10B<20B 0.31% // 4B<10 0.30% // || Scale matters 16 Dec 2010

Offshoring your lawyer || The Economist on legal process outsourcing (LPO) impact – could be big 16 Dec 2010

RT @denniskennedy: The 2010 Blawggie Awards have just been announced: #blawggies || Thnx for featuring my blog 21 Dec 2010

My new Integreon blog post: Fronterion Predicts Promising LPO Developments in 2011 || comments on top ten list 21 Dec 2010

Xerox press release re Smart Doc Review || Collaborative hardware neat but is it commercially viable? #eDiscovery 22 Dec 2010

Competing With Your Advisors || more re Thomson Reuters acquiring legal outsourcing provider (LPO) Pangea3 22 Dec 2010