Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets. I am now organizing Tweets by broad topics 

Mainstream Media Reports on the Legal Market

NYTimes: What They Don’t Teach Law Students: Lawyering || Is there any hope for US law schools? 20 Nov

NY Times – more lawyers skip partner track to start own practices || anecdotal but indicates MSM still taking note  24 Nov

WSJ: At GE, Robo-Lawyers: Oil + Gas Unit Tests Online Resolution to Control Costs | blip or trend? (w @Cybersettle)  28 Nov

The Price to Play Its Way || NY Times Biz sec cover story rips into ABA law school accreditation (HT @richards1000)  17 Dec

BigLaw Management

The Lawyer: Lawyers and business plans <sigh> || time for BigLaw to get serious about strategy  25 Nov

@AmLawDaily ABA Panel Says No to Outside Law Firm Ownership || Empirical evidence supporting this “client protection”?   5 Dec

RT @gnawledge (3 Geeks) The End of Traditional Billing || law firms have lost pricing control  6 Dec

Hildebrandt Blog: Rising expenses and uncertain economy cause firms to re-evaluate staffing || Agreed  9 Dec

Legal Process Outsourcing

The Lawyer (UK) analyzes costs of legal + biz support globally. || will more firms nearshore, farshore, or use LPO? 21 Nov

RT @redbridgestrat Beyond India – Optimizing the Locations of Offshore Operations || Good LPO analysis  23 Nov

@ALB_magazine: Aussie GCs say legal process outsourcing (LPO) here to stay, better than paralegals  28 Nov

Legal Week: Eversheds mulls low-cost service after joint LPO bid falls thru | can firms survive w/o lower cost options?  7 Dec

Fronterion legal processing outsourcing predictions: Ten for 2012 || LPO has transformed market but faces challenges  12 Dec

@DannyErtel on legal process outsourcing: Selection criteria that are fit for purpose || gd advice 4 GC looking at LPO  12 Dec


Pippins v KPMG #eDiscovery: @chrisdaleoxford ( on Craig Ball’s || holds + proportionality   25 Nov

LeClair Ryan’s @denniskiker: Who Will Save #eDiscovery? Say “Hello” to Big Data! || Will we need quant jocks?  2 Dec

a rel=”nofollow” href=””>@RalphLosey on human doc review limits; I too flagged #eDiscovery Gold Standard | more evid today  12 Dec

@DannyErtel post: HP – %5 legal process outsourcing doc review in 2006 to 80% in 2011 || #eDiscovery #LawFactory  20 Dec

Legal Tech

Two New State Bar Ethics Opinions Suggest Cloud Computing OK (via @catalystsecure @bobambrogi) || BigLaw CIO take note

The cloud’s dark lining. Connected MS OneNote to SkyDrive to sync to iPad. With OneNote saving to cloud, as fast typist, I see lag. #in  14 Dec