Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

Hildebrandt law firm Peer Monitor Index Q1 || PMI up, rate pressure, success more variable, can’t cut expenses more 29 Apr

@PaulLippe on the New Legal Market Normal in @abajournal || great analysis of how change happens 28 Apr

RT @redbridgestrat New post: Captive LPOs for Companies with Significant Offshore Operations || good analysis  26 Apr

RT @hbr_consulting: Big Law not so big… || The NLJ 250 – || We need a predictive market re 2011 headcount 25 Apr

Legal Week: [UK law firm] Pannone launches white label unit in LSA push || legal reform at work. #LawFactory 22 Apr 

RT @kmhobbie: Post by Chris Boyd on #ILTA #KM Blog “Challenges for Law Firm KM & How To Address Them” || great advice 21 Apr

Taylor Wessing launches revolutionary technology-powered legal business service HT @TheLawyermag || #LawFactory 20 Apr

Just found @fenwickwest flexible lawyer service. Seems similar to BLP Lawyers on Demand ( 15 Apr

@jordan_law21 post ( ) has excellent analysis of upcoming UK legal de-reg and why leading law firms may be de-throned  14 Apr

RT @kmhobbie: 2010 KM Survey on ILTA #km blog || good list of top KM activities 13 Apr

MT @legalfutures Susskind: “unimaginable” investors + entrepreneurs won’t enter UK #legal market || spill over to US? 13 Apr Companies Get Creative to Cut Legal Costs || HP + MSFT save big $ with legal outsourcing (LPO) and solos 11 Apr

>ALM @lawdotcom move from West to Lexis. Perhaps seeming dust-up quieter if we could just just search reliably?8 Apr

RT @dannyertel: What can we learn from the dissolution of Howrey?: || Good de-construction of Ruyak ‘explanation’ 5 Apr

Mark Herrmann @atlblog argues #inhouse L’s don’t need to rack up accolades || what abt personal brand + job security? 4 Apr

Just see that @AllenOvery has Do other BigLaw have YouTube channels? 4 Apr

RT @colincameron: UK’s first chain of ‘high street lawyers’ is set to revolutionise legal services | BigLaw impact?  3 Apr