The e-discovery market continues to grow explosively and evolve. Who are the leaders in service, software, and by stage of e-discovery? 

The fourth annual Socha-Gelbman E-Discovery Survey answers these and other important e-discovery market questions. A summary of the results is at Socha Consulting. Here are some highlights:
– The EED market continues to grow at 35+%
– The top 5 e-discovery providers are Fios, Kroll Ontrack, LexisNexis Applied Discovery, Renew, and Zantz (top 20 listed)
– Among the top 20, there is (as covered in two separate tables) significant variation in
     . experience, capacity, and law firm ranking
     . capability by stage of e-discovery processing
– The top 10 e-discovery providers include both some “new generation” players such as Attenex and some long-standing players such as Summation and Concordance.

For law firms evaluating service providers and software, this is a useful resource (purchase information here).

For me, the big surprise is that there are still so many players in a market that is not that large ($1.3 billion in 2005). I suspect that there is still room for significant additional consolidation (see my list of recent consolidations).