Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

RT @tcorcoran: “Demystifying Outsourcing 4 Corporate Counsel” || Excellent LPO article.

RT @technotheory Exciting new Twitter feature: friend lists built into the site + open APIs || Taxonomies anyone?

Re-Tweets force me to come up with two-word editorial comments. Maybe Tweeting lawyers will learn to write clearly

Desperate for outlining software with each point tag-able, like database – like Ecco. eg, project punch list by room AND by trade

Trying http://fastflip.googlelabs….. Images are too small. Need option to re-size so I can read the screen.

Slaughters considers legal outsourcing (Freshfields, DLA, Links too) The Lawyer || Like Wachtell in US considering LPO

ATL: BigLaw swaps associates for staff attorneys || Clients resist assoc rates for doc review6:53 PM Oct 6th from web

I no longer waste time + bits putting fax # in contacts. Hope Outlook 2010 has fields for Skype, IM, Twitter, other personal URLs

Outside Counsel Spending Projected to Drop by 4.3 Percent Next Year’ NLJ || on top of 11% this year per BTI survey

BigLaw 1st yr assoc comp stuck at 145k – 160k. Demand way down, why so sticky? 2-tier system, like UAW, a solution? Protect incumbents?

Litigation Trend Report by @Fulbright: Offshore doc review doubles in US (to 9%) and triples in UK (to 20%). 49% satisfied; 6% not.

ACC to Unveil Law Firm Ratings per Corp Cnsl || Market changer if GCs ding firms publicly

Reading ‘What the New Law Firm Looks Like’ Robin Muir || Thoughtful piece on where BigLaw is and needs to go

One of my friends has a substance abuse problem – Twitter. You know who you are. My lips are sealed.10:21 PM Oct 22nd from web

Law firms suffer “institutional isomorphism” – converged way of working + beliefs to justify #FTLawyers || Great concept

@StevenBLevy From my prior hands-on regression analysis experience, proving EDD cost limits court access would be hard indeed

RT @jordan_law21 Era of hyper-measurement Lawyers get ready for productivity metrics || But what will we measure?

Anyone know if Bloomberg Law is making any headway against Westlaw or Lexis? Any predictions?

RT @DougCornelius blog on Google’s New Privacy Dashboard
|| Do we have any privacy? 3:56 PM Nov 5th from web

RIM @BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 sync fails. 5.0 worked fine. Sprint Nextel support tells me to downgrade. Not answer I wanted.

BigLaw associate salaries are going down at some firms. Where is the bottom? How will we know when market equilibrates.

Twitter and Linkedin now integrated, using #in hash-tag so this Tweet shows at Linkedin. || Impact of two social media joining?

UPS Cuts Costs With E-Discovery Counsel Corp Counsel mag || Law firm offers fixed fee per doc, UPS saves big. about 20 hours ago from web