Since not everyone is a Twitter fan, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets.  

BT Group pilots eBay-like online auction for roster of law firms. Corp Counsel Mag Auction resurgence or blip? 31 May

LegalWeek launches Linkedin group for in-house lawyers Contrast to Legal OnRamp. Who’ll ‘own’ law dept online space? 24 May

Firm Management Jobs for Lawyers Maureen Reid article. Also Clark Cordner and my views at 24 May

Grim prognosis for BigLaw / #amlaw100 by consulting guru Peter Zeughauser, interviewed by WSJ Law Blog. 17 May

Geek Tip: Use mouse scroll wheel, with cursor over Firefox tabs, to scroll through all open tabs. Great for when you have many open. 17 May

BigLaw pyramids become diamonds. Ward Bower: more contract lawyers, outsourcing, and offshoring. 12 May

Suit Claims Firm Overcharged for Online Legal Research. NLJ Can firms make Wexis profit center? With disclosure ok? 10 May

Geek Tip: Use OneNote for task management. Open separate instance for ready access to task list. Hyperlink to frequently used pages. 7 May

Law firm wants text/link update on a 2004 listing at No: date is clear and list was accurate then. Preserve historic record. 3 May

Rees Morrison: ACC Covenant with Counsel is not all that game-changing I was reluctant to be first to say that. 3 May