Since not everyone is a Twitter fan, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets. 

RT @jordan_law21 New at Law21: measuring lawyer productivity: || also consider actual outcome v. expected / hoped for

RT @glambert ‘Alternative Fees – “How To” Tech’ – – there’s Redwood, then … not much else? || good blog by @gnawledge

Altman Weil survey: signs of real change in legal market. Press release re new GC survey with link to summary PDF.

Maybe GC don’t exercise market power b/c their law firms are job landing pads. Rees Morrison suggests a policy to fix at

‘Pinsents – first firm to offshore work of qualified UK lawyers’ The Lawyer.

RT @jordan_law21 New blog: the UK crucible: || Great update on UK legal reform; links to recent reports

RT @PosseList Womble and Alt Fee Arrangements — Focus Report for ACC || Wow – first time I see Monte Carlo sim in legal

More Sprint Nextel – RIM Blackberry 8830 issues: I’m techie and cannot get sync to work. What do non-tech users do?

@VMaryAbraham great KM blog re mixologists v bartenders. Applies to IT too?

@RossMark RT Managing Partners on Outsourcing, Cost Control, Indian Liberalization, and Law Firms of the Future:

Alt fees = avoidance. To lower lawyering cost: accept some risk; decision tress, budgets, processes, metrics, best practices. What else?

Am I the only one who finds that the ABA website is chronically among the slowest sites to load?

Can we tell if BigLaw revenue decline is bigger than total drop in legal demand? That would be best sign of structural buying change by GC.

Jones Day tells staff to work harder imo: tell lawyers to get over their caste system mentality and learn team work

Anyone have experience w for litigation risk analysis w decision trees? Esp. curious to hear from TreeAge users