It’s been six months since I’ve done a Twitter roundup. I was reminded that I had not done one by a friend who said he misses them.  

I definitely blog less since I started Tweeting 18 months ago. Articles I read or ideas I have that, in the past, might have led to a blog post now end up as a Tweet. Also, before I started Tweeting, I used Roundup posts to cover several short items, none of which seemed worthy of a stand-alone blog post. Tweeter has also assumed that function.

While I welcome additional followers @ronfriedmann, I don’t expect all blog readers to get into Twitter. So I reproduce here highlights of recent Twitter posts (in this instance, over the last six weeks). I try to make my Tweets interesting; when I cite an article or another Tweet, I try to add a “NanOpEd”, which is short for nano opinion editorial, that is, a very short comment. It’s been a fun challenge to add a thought having only 20 to 80 characters!

Are any law firm Tweets interesting? I follow a few – all boring. Is that b/c I don’t practice? Or explanation?

Would a futures market for future success of BigLaw help us understand current market direction?

BigLaw move to budgets, AFA, + greater transparency may foster explicit price competition? What of value and outcomes?

Business Week on superstar athletes (LeBron James) and lawyers (eg Fred Bartlit) || when stars can’t get enuf comp

Dechert Trades Help Desk for Keno Kozie LTN || More BigLaw help desk outsourcing. Troutman Sanders earlier in June

RT @pwoldow Calling all General Counsel – Legal Project Management Moves In-House || common sense at last?

NY State Bar Launches Task Force to Examine Changes in Legal Profession NLJ || NYSBA release

Reading LawShucks: Eversheds Lays Off 60 in Outsourcing

RT @reesmorrison Codean software maps + links defined contract terms || pr rls | Like DealProof?

RT @AmLawDaily: Risky Business: What Law Firms Can Learn From Airlines and Hospitals || #KM Value after action reviews launches || Good compilation of US and UK ethics rules and docs re legal outsourcing (LPO)

ALTI reports NetDocuments now has multiple large law firm customers. Will DMS cloud take over from enterprise systems?

RT @PosseList: Contract lawyer sues NYC law firm for not paying overtime || exempt v non-exempt. hmmm