Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets

RT @stephenseckler 58% of corp counsel think law firms too profitable || Answer is easy: shop around

RT @IntegreonEDD The Big (Legal) Picture by Beaton Consulting | Integreon Blog || Great video re future legal market

Hammonds moves to 4:1 ratio with DDS, Orange Rag (@ChristianUncut) || How many firms won’t be at 4:1 soon?

Axiom wins British Legal Award for innovative firm || leave it to legal market to wait 10 yrs to recognize innovation

LPO, re-engineering, tech to reduce need for lawyer time. Hildebrandt || Efficiency at last. Next: demand control?

3rd party litigation funding broker Calunius to launch private fund LegalWeek|| Drives efficiency

RT @ReesMorrison Trivial cost-reduction steps commonly reported by legal departments in survey || Nero fiddled…

I am striving to perfect my ‘nano op-eds’ – 2 to 6 word comment on a re-Tweet

Thanks @denniskennedy for the Blawggie award and selecting other top blogs (thnx also @lancegodard, @VMaryAbraham)

Just installed X1 search by @X1Technologies. So far, I like it a lot. Had to clean up old Outlook profiles but that needed doing anyway.

@michmahon re busy year for laterals: are partners moving to maximize income or to seek a better, more stable biz model? Former seems likely

Not Yet A Gartner E-Discovery Magic Quadrant, But Still A MarketScope’ EDD 2.0 post || convergence at hand?

Pfizer doing alternative fee arrangements. Corp Counsel Mag. || Big AFA news. Legal tech angle: Global 100 law firm results out today || Likely new ‘world order’ not yet apparent in listings

Will 2010 see lawyers working virtually more often… to reduce occupancy cost? Anyone know of firms planning this as they move? #in

Comcast’s top lawyer calls the workload shots Phil Inquirer || GCs act at last? But why pay rate increases at all?

Aric Press of American Lawyer: ‘2010 survival for those who aren’t retiring’ || ‘disaggregating and re-engineering’

Contract lawyer paid $35 charged out at $250. ABA J || Bad enough ever. Why do clients tolerate now?

Michael Mills – formerly legal IT, KM, and EDD guru at Davis Polk – joins Kraft & Kennedy, Inc. – email press release || Wow

ValueNotes launches proprietary LPO ratings || Like Gartner Magic Quadrant for legal outsourcing

Eversheds gears up to launch its own outsourcing business LegalWeek || LPO or low cost co-counsel / office?

Legal process outsourcing facing a ‘watershed’ year Law Gazette || My imagination or is L/G an LPO skeptic?

Just noticed that Google Docs now allows uploading, and optionally converting, any file type. 10 gig limit.