Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets New Hiring System Keeps Contract Attorneys Away From Law Firms || Staffing agencies > doc review co’s ?

RT @ChristianUncut Intelliteach wins 1st major UK #legal IT deal with Eversheds/MS Office outsourced service desk proj

Ian Dinwiddie new President of Hildebrandt Baker Robbins. Press release. ex Dir Fin + Biz Services Allen & Overy || new direction too?

RT @VMaryAbraham post: The End of Your #KM Job? || Agreed. Legal KM morphing to practice support consulting

@ChristianUncut Re getting fax (from tech vendor no less), I notice in US, BigLaw still puts fax # on card. When will it go way of Telex?

RT @jfehrman: Spies’ Use of Steganography Just the Beginning | When shd EDD collection consider stego search?

@Legal_Week Freshfields to offer job sharing and home working in new flexi scheme || working virtually at last. maybe.

RT @GregBufithis: JD Supra is Now Linked Up to LinkedIn > world’s largest legal content distribution network

Is Adding a Second Tier for Law Firm Associates a Good Thing?, The Recorder || Great idea but requires real management

Private equity to target legal process outsourcing Law Soc Gaz || Might PE try to build next gen firm from scratch?

PLC white paper: Practical Considerations for Alternative Fee Arrangements || Good AFA discussion, cites @gnawledge

A New Approach to Law Firm Regulation AmLaw || Argues for unitary US national oversight via @jordan_law21

The Lawyer: Eversheds staff bag