Since not everyone is a Twitter fan, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets.  

Do lawyers and law firm managers understand that many legal conferences are now fully monetized and heavily driven by vendor sponsorship? 1:13 PM Jul 28th

AmLaw Associates Survey 2009 Tables, rankings, firm-by-firm info, and multiple articles. || But do we know more now? 10:29 AM Aug 1st

One reason I Tweet is Personal Knowledge Management. But not that easy to re-use my own Tweets, esp. as corpus grows. Next: tagging Tweets? 10:31 AM Aug 1st

RT @AmLawDaily Rio Tinto.. Gold in Outsourcing || Using LPO instead of Crowell & Moring for FTC doc prod saves $1.5mil 4:16 PM Aug 1st

RT @PosseList Cadwalader’s new manpower model: contract attorneys (blog) || A new model of BigLaw outsourcing? 9:40 AM Aug 2nd

‘Offshoring firms: the day has come’ Lawyers Weekly. Canadian law firms waking up to legal outsourcing (LPO)? 9:57 AM Aug 3rd

‘Private Equity Considers Investing in U.K. Law Firms’ Bloomberg, 3 Aug 09, HT @jordan_law214:00 PM Aug 3rd

I’ve seen more e-magazines lately. Even on my 19″ monitor in full screen mode, hard to read w/o zooming. Am I missing advantage over paper? 7:57 PM Aug 3rd

ABA Journal ‘Boom and Bust’ – e-discovery growth slows, vendor consolidation. Cites Gartner, Socha. ‘Churn is constant’ 5:32 PM Aug 8th

RT @estrin Ron, Integreon/Prism Consulting joins Board of Gov. of Org. of Legal Professionals. Great addition! || Looking forward! 7:50 PM Aug 10th

10 great legal tech tips (wisdom actually) by Steven Levy in LTN at || Sage advice for all BigLaw IT managers and CIOs8:20 PM Aug 11th

As vendor, I see law firm RFPs. For some firms, if they send clients docs formatted same way, pity the clients. Format matters. 7:03 PM Aug 13th

Amazing companies force you to print paper, fill out by hand, scan, and then send. And this is a web-based supplier. What r they thinking? 2:49 PM Aug 14th

‘2020 Vision’ in CBA National Vision of law firm future hits my favprotes: outsourcing, KM, working virtually, AFA 2:36 PM Aug 16th

Has law firm news become boring lately? Or is it the eventful last year and return to calm. If calm, it’s not ‘old normal’. New normal is? 2:44 PM Aug 16th

RT @ChristianUncut Aderant buys US ECM/DMS vendor StarLaw: story on blog

I read Tweets more than blogs lately. Immediacy is a bit addicting. Plus my follow-ees usually surface the best posts. True for others?

Friend showed me very cool data visualization software tonite: http://www.tableausoftware….. Display Excel or database data easily

Indian law firm FoxMandal pays Delhi salaries after 2-month hiatus. The Lawyer US firms not the only ones in trouble. 1:50 PM Aug 19th

Hildebrandt on legal market: maybe bottomed out but not growing yet. Peer Monitor 4 Aug || Still waiting for new normal! 8:24 PM Aug 20th

It’s one thing to shrink, another to change the way you do business. Law firms have shrunk. Now, how will they actually change? 11:33 PM Aug 20th

Paralegals can do priv review per Why do clients and lawyers typically use lawyers? Obvious cost savings ignored? 4:43 PM Aug 21st

Economist has a short but good think piece on offshoring and outsourcing at 13:29 PM Sep 3rd

Australian contract lawyer job posting at likely for Rio Tinto legal process outsourcing (LPO) deal. 10:36 AM Sep 4th

RT @EJWalters front line in fighting terror in WSJ @Katulis || Palantir s/w; EDD and KM take note! Intel is leading edge10:45 AM Sep 4th