Since not everyone is a Twitter fan, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets. 

Watch sausage being made and the costs. Suit re Latham fees Block billing and high rates – biz as usual. April 24

Has Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) protected BigLaw? Smaller firms the new arms control? I’ll turn off my ICBM if you turn off yours.
@JoshuaFireman replies: isn’t it a tacit oligopoly?
MAD is more a demand side (law dept) issue than supply side (firms). GCs fear not having their BigBomb BigLaw firm. April 23-24

RT [Re-Twee] @pwoldow: Interesting article Legal Intelligencer – Open Letter to General Counsel in Tough Economic Times. April 23

What would BigLaw do if faced with a choice: dissolve or innovate? Some firms may face this choice, they just don’t know it yet. April 21

ABA Journal has nice weekly e-mail of top stories. Links are incredibly slow to load at ABA site. Typical for ABA technology. April 17

BigLaw cuts associate salaries. Band-aid or genuine fix? Feels like Detroit moves over last 30 years – does not address real problem. True?. April 17

Just bought an Incisive research report (ALM). They send back e-mail with my password in PLAIN TEXT. Security alert, danger Will Robinson. April 14

Sprint Blackberry e-mail delivery stopped working for both my e-mail accounts. Sprint tech help fails so far. Not my 1st big Sprint trble. April 13

High-tech India Contrasts With Rural Ways on McNeil News Hour features LPO QuisLex at Text with links to audio + video. April 10

What single change would most improve law practice efficiency and effectiveness? I vote use project manager if budget > $25k. April 4