In this Roundup: KM and Linkedin, working effectively with law firm professionals, is blogging dead, and links to reports on Ark KM conference. 

Knowledge Management and Linkedin
Toby Brown, who heads Fulbright‘s knowledge management and blogs at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, reports on an interesting finding about a Linkedin feature for KM. A couple of problems though: (1) feature was available, then gone and (2) automatic license of content to Linkedin. See LinkedIn Does KM … Not? and LinkedIn Does KM?. Perhaps connected to LinkedIn Has Added Applications, per Doug Cornelius?

Non-Legal Staff in Law Firms
I liked the 7 Oct 2008 New York Law Journal article Lessons for Working With Support Staff. It’s a primer for new lawyers on how best to work with the many professionals who make law firms tick. My only complaint is use of the word non-lawyer, which I think encourages caste-system thinking and disrupts good team work.

Is Blogging Dead?
LawyerKM asks in Is Blogging Dead?. He’s using Tweeter but still writing a blog. Same here. I’ve just started tweeting at

KM and the Modern Law Firm (Ark): Blog Reports
Now that I’m more focused on legal outsourcing, I have less time to attend KM conferences. So I was glad to read three blog posts by David Hobbie at Caselines on conference sessions from the Ark KM conference this past week (w/o 27 Oct 2008).
See also Comments from Ark Group Conference: Knowledge Management in the Modern Law Firm by Ted Tjaden as Slaw.