Roundup: touch typing, Pfizer EDD expert becomes consultant, MS SharePoint limitation, LPO makes Washington Post

Personal Productivity: Touch Typing
Rees Morrison observes that fast typing may be one of the biggest under-rated personal productivity skills (see Typing proficiency of in-house lawyers – one secret to productivity). I love his quote: “You are how you type.” My sometimes lengthy real-time conference blog posts suggest I type fast. I can’t imagine how much less work I’d get done if I were not a fast typist.

E-Discovery Expert Leaves Pfizer, Joins Thomson Litigation Consulting
The June 2008 issue of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel reports that Laura Kibbe, who earned recognition as one of the leading inhouse lawyer EDD experts as senior corporate counsel and managing director of Pfizer’s Discovery Response Team, is joining Thomson Litigation Consulting.

KM: SharePoint Wiki Problem
KM blogger Doug Cornelius reports in Sharepoint Wiki Disaster that Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS) Sharepoint wikis do not e-mail just the wiki changes; rather, they send the entire wiki page. He explains, “This is a disaster. It removes the communications aspect of the wiki.”

Legal Process Outsourcing in India
U.S. Legal Work Booms in India in the Washington Post, 11 May 2008, follows on the heels of articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, and Business Week, among others. As such, it does not really add any new information and is notable only as another mainstream media publication that has written an article about legal process outsourcing.