India is a big outsourcing destination. It may also become one for recruiting lawyers. 

Indian lawyers next target for international firms in Lawyers Weekly (Australia, 9 Mar 07) reports that legal recruiters and some large law firms now look for lawyers in India work in outside India (e.g., in London or the Middle East).

Overseas recruiting is not new. Young Australian lawyers are being lured to NYC say my contacts down under. Lawyers Weekly, which I’ve been reading in print for several months now, is filled with ads from UK firms seeking Australian lawyers. Milbank has the March 9th centerfold ad to announce it is recruiting for NYC in Sydney.

Given these trends, perhaps it’s no surprise that the article reports “International law firms, in particular the big UK firms, have also begun to visit Indian law schools to do recruitment drives of their own – a strategy that will help them in setting up an Indian office should foreign law firms be permitted to practise in India. Firms such as Clifford Chance and Linklaters are looking to start large-scale recruitment.”

I recently commented in A New Weapon in the Talent Arms Race that law firms could use blogs in their recruiting efforts. Lawyers could write a lot of blog posts in the time it takes to fly to India.