I’ve been using Twitter (http://twitter.com/ronfriedmann) for a few months now. I post only items of professional interest. Here is a roundup of posts. 

Rees Morrison blogs that the Gap outsources legal work to India, citing ACC Docket. His post at http://bit.ly/14Ra9

UK lawyers skeptical about social media and lawyer blogs. article at http://bit.ly/oTnX 4:08 PM Jan 25th

Law school fesses up to “lottery shot” at high pay job after debt piles on. http://bit.ly/ylJl Whole system sends bad ethics message 11:18 AM Jan 23rd

Ironic that GCs develop best practices for diversity and work-life practice (http://bit.ly/VVeA) but not for practicing law. 12:09 AM Jan 15th

Jan AmLaw mag: Bartlitt Beck requires reading Tufte’s Envisioning Information. Why don’t other firms stress visual presentation of info? 12:45 AM Jan 12th

Jan AmLaw mag: McDermott doubling number of staff lawyers. Why do GCs pay the mark-up when they can hire contract lawyers directly? 12:42 AM Jan 12th

How many URLs do you control? Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, blog, personal website, more? Is there a website that aggregates control? 7:06
PM Jan 5th

Many send e-mail attachments with meaningless titles. Many don’t change subject lines when they should. Why do senders burden recipients? 2:36
PM Jan 4th

Estate plan time. What happens to blog posts, articles, Tweets at death? Is there legal + practical way to keep on web? Is that good? 4:16 PM Jan 3rd

Good AmLaw post on lack of law firm innovation http://bit.ly/oAoP. Ex-Wachtell partner: clients cling to firm model same as partners do. 8:49 PM Dec 29th, 2008

Law firm convergence results disappoint. Are we surprised? Rees Morrison post at http://bit.ly/OTEO. GCs re-arranging chairs on Titanic? 12:42 AM Dec 28th, 2008

AmLaw on firms doing biz in India. Ethics help please. Last sentence wrong? Conflates law practice w/ outsourcing? http://bit.ly/4iX9YT 11:02 PM Dec 23rd, 2008

Article on why firms don’t promote legal secretaries at http://bit.ly/x3OG (law.com). My view is traditional secretarial role will vanish. 10:47 PM Dec 23rd, 2008

Getting bored reading about law firms dissolving. Should BigLaw partners be more nervous? “Can’t happen to my firm!” True? 12:44 AM Dec 23rd, 2008

Nice idea to control outside counsel spend by Rees Morrison at his blog post http://bit.ly/EDXC – One firm proposes, another disposes 12:51 PM Dec 21st, 2008

How do lawyers know “right” clauses for a contract if they have not been through work-out process where similar deal / clause is challenged? 4:34 PM Dec 19th, 2008

Anyone know how number of BigLaw lay-offs in 2008 compares to number in 1991-92 recession? List keeps growing – Dechert this week. 1:02 PM Dec 17th, 2008

When will law firm 2.0 replace law firm 1.0. Or has it happened already? If so, what about 3.0? 10:17 PM Dec 15th, 2008

Web 2.0 + marketing. WSJ article today (in supplement) To read tonight. Will lawyers will get 2.0 faster than they did Web 1.0? 11:23 AM Dec 15th, 2008

Grocery 1st for me. Handheld wireless scanner – check-out as u shop. Big innovation in low margin biz. BigLaw too profitable to innovate? 9:55 PM Dec 14th, 2008

Working virtually not for lawyers? Justice Stevens does it. http://bit.ly/NIyr. If he can, why can’t most lawyers in BigLaw? 12:30 AM Dec 12th, 2008

English law firms rapidly adopting legal outsourcing. Susskind in TimesOnline citing RSG report. Article: http://bit.ly/KUSo 1:08 AM Dec 11th, 2008

Why don’t more companies use contract management software? Easy win but uptake slow. Good evidence of challenge of change management? 11:58
PM Dec 10th, 2008

Lunch with law firm manager friend who recently switched BigLaw jobs: “All large firms are weird in their own way” 4:04 PM Dec 9th, 2008

BigLaw billing rates by firm and associate class. Good sampling of firms and cities, free with registration. NLJ: http://bit.ly/12l2n 3:58 PM Dec 7th, 2008

Just came across another managed discovery review service – Black Letter. Anyone have a list of all managed
review outfits? 12:35 PM Dec 6th, 2008

More BigLaw lay offs: Proskauer. 35 associates, 25 staff. AmLaw Daily. http://bit.ly/PPJC 4:43 PM Dec 4th, 2008

Reed Smith lays-off 115 today (+50 secretaries earlier). MP cites technology and 24-hour client call center. law.com – http://bit.ly/p5ia 7:31 PM Dec 3rd, 2008

Cool learning from @time2simplify: bit.ly offers traffic tracking per URL, no registration. tinyrurl does not 1:24 PM Dec 3rd, 2008

ABA’s top 100 Blawgs at http://tinyurl.com/5dxqm5. Mine did not make it. Sigh. 11:45 PM Dec 2nd, 2008

On Jeff Beard’s tip to open two Outlook windows – you can drag items across open windows. Works great, esp. with 2 virtualized screens 10:33 PM Dec 2nd, 2008

NLJ article about Mumbai attacks and impact on legal outsourcers there. I am quoted. http://tinyurl.com/6ml6vh 10:29 AM Dec 2nd, 2008

Cravath moving to fixed fees. Hard to believe? Business Week article http://tinyurl.com/6667ht 10:49 AM Dec 1st, 2008

My worlds intersect: outsourcing and social media. “social media outsourcing” at http://tinyurl.com/2ene7j– anyone outsourcing tweeting? 10:15
AM Nov 30th, 2008

Adobe 8.x update crashed PC, no Adobe on re-start. Had to get 9.x. Every doc opens in its own window. Way to fix back to single window? 8:23 AM Nov 17th, 2008

Laid off BigLaw associates can join www.legalonramp.com, online network for lawyers. Good networking, resources, stay plugged in 8:40 PM Nov 13th, 2008

Full page Autonomy EDD ad in WSJ today. A first? Some claims I found surprising. Blog: http://tinyurl.com/6eapyr 8:21 PM Nov 12th, 2008

White & Case lays off 70 lawyers and staff 100 reports WSJ blog. http://tinyurl.com/64vosm 6:58 PM Nov 11th, 2008

Survey shows GCs trying to control cost focus too much on payment + price, not enough on how lawyers practice. http://tinyurl.com/4z75xh
12:33 AM Nov 11th, 2008

Wondering if SAAS e-mail archiving to cloud, eg Sonian, will impact EDD and how foucsed products like this compare to CA or HP ILM suites 5:11 PM Nov 8th, 2008

Linkedin adds apps today. Is there a universal interface yet for all the collaborative and social network sites?
Do we need one? 5:29 PM Nov 3rd, 2008

Anyone read Am Law article “Chronicle of a Future Foretold”. Not sure it says all that much 3:19 PM Nov 3rd, 2008