I used to write “Roundup” blog posts that were short items I’d accumulate that did not warrant a full blog post. I’ve found that Twitter now fulfills that function. I will periodically post in the Roundup category recent Tweets of interest. 

For me, this reflects one reason I started blogging in 2003: personal knowledge management. Twitter and blogs are not just about sharing. I often use my own blog to find information I need. By copying a sub-set of my Tweets, I can both share highlights and locate them more readily along with my blog posts.

NYTimes gives new Google Voice, formerly Grand Central, excellent review. Unified communication – 1 phone number, 1 inbox, transcription. Mar 12th

Waiting on Microsoft update install. MS should say how much time before grabbing PC control. Someday we will be free of MS yoke. Mar 11th

Wash. Biz J: law department belt tightening http://bit.ly/TMMHd. To save $, legal offshoring and LPOs are an alternate to law firms. Mar 9th

Orrick lays off 200 staff; # from Wheeling Global Ops Cntr unclear http://bit.ly/10uJmL. Will GOC staff be bigger or smaller % of total now. Mar 3rd

HSBC offshore legal team in Malaysia gets go-ahead – LegalWeek http://bit.ly/IZjcd. Will more law departments set up offshore? Mar 1st

What happens when cloud computing services terminate? Yahoo “Briefcase” service stops 30 March. Not widely used but consider ramifications. Feb 25th

Pillsbury lay-offs discussed loudly on a train, picked up by blog. http://bit.ly/U6iFA. Should clients worry about their privilege now? Feb 23rd

Blogger at widely followed Slaw writes LPO Provides a Positive Boost for an Economy in Recession http://bit.ly/yz7ox. Feb 21st

Optim Legal http://www.optimlegal.com.au/ in Sydney offers interesting new law firm model. Good article at http://bit.ly/I82L. Feb 8th

Lyceum Capital asks UK BigLaw what it would do with equity infusion. Would love to know the answers. LegalWeek http://bit.ly/HQVG. Jan 29th