BigLaw’s salary escalation for new associates shows the competition for talent. Law firms should consider how technology can help them gain recruits’ mind-share. 

The Wall Street Journal, in Podcasts Extend Recruiters’ Reach (4/24/06, $), explains how management consulting firm Bain & Co. used a 20-minute podcast featuring Bain executives to attract students at the Indian Institute of Management. “Pleased with the results, Bain plans to expand its use of podcasts to more universities and other countries next year. That will put the firm on the leading edge of what may be an emerging trend in recruiting, as employers tap a popular new technology to reach young job seekers.”

I am not aware of any large law firms that produce recruiting podcasts. Podcasts might not make a huge difference, but creating and distributing them is inexpensive. Of course, once a firm develops the production capacity, it can also create client updates.

A bold firm could go a step further: along with offer letters, send a firm-branded iPod loaded with podcasts about the firm.