The UK publication LegalIT in a June article titled Online legal services: Exploiting expertise, reports on new online legal services by Allen & Overy. For anyone interested in online legal services, this is a useful article.

The article notes that little has happened with online legal services of late (a disappointment to me, given my work with Jnana Technologies and efforts there to develop this market). The article interviewed Marc-Henri Chamay, who leads the firms online services. “Chamay argues that the only sure-fire way for law firms to sell web content is to embed this content thoroughly in their own internal processes and, initially at least, in the regular services that they sell to clients.”

It goes on to describe three new online services. One is a derivatives netting product. More information about it is available from a PDF file from the Netalytics website. The second product, CSAnalytics, also relates to derivatives. The third, Global ShareWeb , “is a knowledge repository marked up in XML and designed to feed into a bank’s risk management system or netting engines.”