Offshoring continues to be a hot topic. My next post will feature a good article covering the issues. Meanwhile, excited utterances and I have updated our list of legal market outsourcing and offshoring users and providers. 

We assemble this list based on our reading and suggestions we receive. The updated list includes several companies new to the list as of June 2006. Moreover, some of the companies originally listed appear either to have stopped offering legal services or ceased doing business. We have placed these companies on a second table (scroll to the bottom) based on visiting the URL we originally identified and now finding the page inactive or not seeing any links to legal services. We did not try to determine if these companies are operating under different names or web sites.

Based on the number of new players in India, it appears that offshoring is still generating a great deal of interest. Based on the number of apparent “exits,” however, it is not clear how big the demand really is.