More confirmation today from the New York Times that outsourcing is a big trend in BigLaw. 

Law Firms Are Starting to Adopt Outsourcing (10/27/06) reports on large law firms that have outsourced functions. I’ve already blogged on the examples cited in detail (Clifford Chance and Baker McKenzie), so what is interesting to me is that the NY Times considers the trend newsworthy. The article also has some additional details about CC and BM (e.g., Clifford Chance is working with Integreon). The money quote:

“Despite the attractive economics, a mere trickle of law firms have [sic] actually moved operations out of their headquarters or to overseas locations. Yet some are betting that law will be the next industry to shift parts of its operations to lower-cost regions of the world.”

Coincidentally, earlier this week Joy London and I updated our list of legal offshoring and outsourcing. Joy and I have written an article analyzing what we see as the trend; it is slated to appear in in November.

Update (10/28/06): See the Integreon press release for more detail on Clifford Chance operations in India.