has released a new search tool, specific to legal web sites. This will likely be a useful tool for lawyers and legal professionals. Quest lets you search two sources:
(1) “the Network of sites, including the New York Law Journal, The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal, Law Firm Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court Monitor, and more publications and resources from ALM Media” and
(2) the “legal web” which includes #1 plus “hundreds of hand-picked law firm websites and prominent legal blogs.”
Users can suggest to additional sites to include in the search index.

I’ve recently experimented with niche legal customized searching using Google. Quest is a welcome and more powerful addition, though I’m still intrigued by creating well-defined, discrete searches (click here for three examples of niche legal searches).

I am intrigued to see that Quest offers faceted search results (especially after my post yesterday about Endeca) but in my initial testing, this does not yet work quite right, at least for me. I am sure, however, that any initial kinks will be worked out quickly enough.